Monday, 28 December 2015

Coming home

Coming home
Oil on linen canvas 30cm x 40cm

Lots of fun painting the sunlight coming through the trees in this.  I've got an old gold swept frame that I wanted to paint something for and I hope this will look good in the frame.  Waiting for a few days for the picture to dry before I try it out. 


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  2. Nicola - your take after your dad excellent artist - Aunt Peg painted for a living to.

    1. Thanks!! I remember auntie Peg painting :-) are you my cousin?? Unknown!!

  3. Nicola not up on technology so using this format to contact you. Came
    across your site when typing in Cavalla into google. How is my Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Shirley. When I speak to my brother John he is always telling me jokes. He claims there his but your dad tells me there his.

    Last saw you and your sister Sharon at my mums funeral in 2001.

    Last saw your dad in 2011 when i was up at the Royal Free. Saw your painting on the wall - your dad told me to look out for it.

    Aunt Peg and Uncle Dick died about 20 months ago within a few months of each other. Stevie Klema sent me a painting done by Peg.
    Last spoke to your dad over the phone a year ago, talking about Margie does any one know how she is.

    Let me tell you what I miss most since nan died you were only small at the time - the Cavalla's never really had a get together since then. You use to be able to visit nan and see most of your aunts and uncles every Saturday.

    The only family I keep in contact with is Micheal Billy & Hilda Cavalla son.
    Charlie and Joyce's middle daughter Jackie Cavalla.

    All the cousins I can remember are Jackie Stubbs, Greg Foskett Stevie Klema Lorraine Lisa Jackie Cavalla Roy & Samantha Henderson.

    Terry Children Amanda Joe cannot remember the other daughters name.
    Bickie Diana Elaine Stubbs

    Jackie & Ivy's kids Linda Peter-John cannot remember the third name.

    Margie's kids two of them Frank and again my memory is going.

    As for me well spent over 20 years in stockbrokeras a Member of the Stock Exchange got made redundant spent 6 years out of work now working for london Underground as a Supervisor running Stratford. Taking voluntary severance in June this year. Was offered it three years ago but it takes the underground that long to sort any thing out.