Saturday, 29 September 2012

First Pastel

Fancied trying out a pastel picture.
I haven't tried pastels before.  I was wondering what they were like to use.  It's been fun trying them, I will try again for sure.

Friday, 28 September 2012

St Mary's church

St Mary's church oil painting.

First go in oils for a very long time. 
Need to try more to get my confidence up in this medium. 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Beach Boat

Beach Boat watercolour

Thought I would attempt something different and paint a beach scene.
I was quite pleased with the feel of this painting.

Apples & Blossom

Apples & Blossom watercolour

A larger bunch of apples from our tree and some blossom too.
I was wondering what the combination of the two images would look like on the page.


Frankie watercolour

A friend asked if I would try a painting of his little boy Frankie.
A scary task painting a friends baby in case it comes out horrible looking.
I was happy with the result and so was my friend.... he said.


Hares watercolour

Another test with the animal paintings.


Badgers watercolour

Another of the pencil sketches with washes of watercolour.
I am enjoying how the style of these animal pictures are coming out.


Garlic watercolour

Enjoyed getting the subtle colour changes in this painting.

Marlowe Sleeping

Marlowe sketch

Managed to sketch our dog Marlowe.  He managed to stay in the same position for the time needed to sketch all of him.


Hare watercolour

Sketched and shaded with pencil and then added washes of watercolour over the top.


 Butterflies watercolour

Tried to see what a more detailed background would look like with these butterflies.
I added some glitter paint to the wings.


Beetroot watercolour

Another of my vegetable studies.  I was curious to see how a painting with bolder colours would turn out.

London Rain

London Rain watercolour

First attempt at some buildings.  I enjoyed trying to get the wet look in this painting.

Fly Agaric

Fly Agaric watercolour

A softer feel to this painting. 


Pears watercolour

I tried to capture the light and shadow in this painting.


Pancake watercolour

A painting I did of one of our pet ducks Pancake.
She's an Indian Runner duck.


Squirrel watercolour

A rather podgy squirrel that I couldn't resist but try to paint.


Piggy watercolour

A small painting I did which now resides at my sisters house.

Strawberry mess

Strawberry mess watercolour

An attempt to try a looser style with this painting.


Tomatoes watercolour

I enjoyed painting the variation in colours.

Barn Owl

Barn Owl watercolour

Part of a series of paintings I did.

St Mary's Fields

St Mary's Fields watercolour

Taken from a photo I took on one of my early morning dog walks.
I loved the warm glow of the sky.

Onion Halved

Onion halved watercolour

Another painting I had to take from a photograph to stop the tears.


Flower bunch watercolour

I bought a lovely bunch of flowers from our local market.  I couldn't resist trying a watercolour of them.

Country Path

Country Path watercolour

Taken from a photograph I took when out walking our dogs.
I loved the shadows and colours that day.

Mother Hen

 Mother Hen watercolour

I tried to get a light delicate feel to this picture. 

Monday, 10 September 2012


Tangerine watercolour

Tried to get the difference in texture in this painting.


Apples watercolour

Apples from our apple tree.


Onions watercolour

Had to work from a photograph to stop my eyes watering.