Monday, 17 July 2017

Pen and wash

 Siamese - pen and wash

I thought I would have a little practise of pen and wash before we have our art group theme evening using this technique next term.
It's another technique I've fallen in love with! 
 Siamese 2

I enjoyed doing this pose in pen and wash.  My favorite bit was drawing the cute little paw pads.
 Siamese 3

This was a challenge trying to get the bright colours on the lovely Bengal cat.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Blue tit

Blue tit - pastel

Feathers and fur and such a joy to do in pastels.  It was great fun to draw this beautiful little bird as a wedding gift for my friends.

Honeysuckle watercolour

Honeysuckle - watercolour

More fun painting flowers in this loose style. 

Clematis bright

Clematis - watercolour

More experimenting with washes of loose watercolour.  It's been a joy painting these lovely flowers.