Monday, 14 November 2016

The Cuckoos nest

A dear friend has beautifully framed up a few of my prints and kindly has them on show at his shop.
If you need any framing done or would like to pop along to see my prints and all the other beautiful paintings and jewelry he has on show, his gallery address is

The Cuckoo's nest
Cuckoo Ln, 
North Leigh, 
OX29 6PW

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Autumn walk

Autumn walk - watercolour

Based on a photo I took whilst walking the dog one morning last week.  Love the Autumn colours on my walks.

SAA Postcard Partners

SAA Postcard Partners

Had lots of fun painting this little old lady for the first half of the post card.  I handed the half finished card to Jason Port - another artist in our art group who then came up with the second half of the card. 
Absolutely loved what he painted! 

Mr Nutts - Pastel

Another test with my pastels. 
Love using these!  Perfect for painting the little creatures.

Tiger - Pastel

 Tiger - Pastel

More furry tests with my pastels.