Monday, 15 February 2021

The fox - oil

The fox - oil

A scene based on a photo from my morning walk. 
I replaced our dog with a fox for a more dramatic contrast in colours.

The arch - oil

The arch - oil

Oil painting based of a small arch in the botanical gardens in Oxford.
I added the cat and bird to bring some life to the scene.

Watercolour portrait test

Watercolour portrait test

My friend Michi kindly volunteered a photo of him and his daughter for me to practice my portrait painting from.

Oil portrait test

Oil portrait test   

Just some experimenting in painting portraits in oil.

Lots of fun, but quite challenging.  Something I want to continue to try.

Tea time - oil

Tea time - oil 

I wanted to experiment with metallic effect paints on top of an oil painting.
A cup of tea seemed perfect for it!.

Cookie day - oil

Cookie day

A small oil painting I did as a leaving gift for a good friend.

Hopefully it will remind him of all the cookie eating we managed as a team :)

Winter scene oil

Winter scene oil

This oil painting is based on a photo I took one winters morning walking our dog by the river.
I added the sheep to bring some life to the scene.

Yellow Christmas

Yellow Christmas watercolour

I painted this card to cheer up my friend.
I think this is how we've all felt about 2020.



 Iris watercolour

I've been getting back in to watercolours lately.  I wanted to try something more botanical.

Monday, 20 April 2020


Tiger - graphite pencil

Another test using pencils.  It's been great to get back to using pencil rather than paint.  It's a challenge trying to capture the different textures in pencil.

Bighorn sheep

Bighorn sheep - graphite pencil

Experimenting with pencils.

Jumping spider

Jumping spider - oil

Experimenting to see if I could paint one of our cheeky jumping spiders.