Friday, 26 April 2019


Daffodils - watercolour

Another challenge at the art group.  This time to produce a card with the theme Easter. 
I decided to have a go at some very loose watercolour flowers.

Melon and grapes

Melon and grapes - watercolour

I've been neglecting watercolours for a while, so decided to try them out again.
The colours really appealed to me in this image.

Silhouette challenge

Silhouette challenge - oils

We had a challenge at the village art group to produce a painting with the theme 'silhouette'.
I chose to paint this cat silhouetted against the light from the window.
Lots of fun, but quite a challenge to do in time whilst at the group.

Waterstock Mill

Waterstock Mill - oil

8" x 10" oil of Waterstock Mill.  It's such a wonderful location I couldn't resist trying to paint the mill.

Apple tutorial

Apple tutorial - oils

A small apple painting I've put together as a tutorial for the village art group.
Looking forward to seeing what the group produce when we have a go at this.