Monday, 27 July 2015

Water lily

Water lily Oil  30"x 8"

I had an old odd shaped frame in the house which I painted up white and added silver leaf to.  I wanted to paint something to fit the frame and wondered if water lilies might suit it.
I might do a little more work on this but here it is so far.

Experimenting with watercolour and pen

Experimenting with watercolour and white pen to see what kind of effects I can get.  
They turned out really bright and colourful.  I think these could make nice card designs.

Scotch bonnet peppers

Scotch bonnet peppers watercolour

I painted this as a thank you to a local farmer who kindly lets us metal detect on his land.
I saw him planting some scotch bonnet peppers when I first met him so thought this might appeal.  He really loved the painting!

Botanical gardens Oxford

Botanical gardens Oxford Plein air Oil.

Went out with some friends from our village art group to the botanical gardens to paint.
This view really caught my eye with the contrasting colours.